Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Inspiration Lane!!

Wow I don't even know where to start ok yeah I do the kits.

The designers at IL made you the biggest mega kit you've ever seen in celebration of our very first birthday! This mega consists of 14 mini kits from some our designers and and bundled for big savings! It contains 101 papers and 274 elements!! We even threw in a quick page and a set of 16 acrylic styles!

or you can buy just the ones you like for $2.00 each. Here's mine

and a few of the layouts from the crew

Of course there is a party too!

Aug 1st-2nd - Match Me Weekend.
Spend $5 get a $5 coupon, Spend $10 get a $10 coupon etc.
I know this isn't store-wide but I am participating :)

Then just a big list of party stuff going on all month long

Here's a few detailed pages (you may need to click to read)

So come on in and join the fun all month long!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finally Back in Action (with a coupon and freebie)

I can't believe I have been out for so long! My surgery went OK everything's all better now. Finally!!! So I made some promises about my last kit something about a coupon and a freebie. Guess I better make good on that :)

Here is my newest kit

and the QP Set

You can get both at Pretty Scrappy, Gotta Pixel, IL and Sunshine

Here is the coupon

If you already bought the kit shoot me an email and I will make sure you get the same discount on my next kit. :) Which by the way I'm finally working on. Took me all week to get caught up, but I finished the final thing this morning. Just had to start a new kit right away I missed designing so much this month.

Here are a couple of layouts that the crew did (not going to show many gotta go back to school shopping)





and Becky

Had a new collab come out at Pretty Scrappy

Coupon that was given out during the train and its still good for a few more days.

and its $1.00 Pixel day at Gotta Pixel I have a few things in there. :)

Oh and my Crew is in the CT Battle over at DSA go vote for us!!! We are under Rachael's Rebels.

OK so wheres that freebie know I left it here somewhere


Monday, July 13, 2009

Health issues

I'm sorry for MIA the last few weeks. I have had some health issues come up. I am feeling a bit better now though. So will try to make a normal post in the next couple of days.