Sunday, August 31, 2008

Couple more freebies

I have a few Sandy Daze freebies for you. Is et up this post today (yesterday) for you hopefully everything goes ok Blogger is still giving me problems or maybe its the internet.

Don't forget about my last sale until my birthday. Every kit at all stores (except BusyScrappin) will be 2.50 and under until Monday at Midnight.

Download Removed

Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogger must be mad and SALE

I have tried several times in the last two days to post with no success. I feel bad about that since I promised you freebies. Well I am here now and I come bearing several gifts.

First my last sale until my birthday so you better grab them now. I can't believe I'm doing it, it just seems a little nuts. Everything is 2.50 and under! New stuff, old stuff everything. Save up to 5.00 just on one kit!!! Sale ends Midnight Monday.

Scraphead Pretty Scrappy DSS

Now we have 3 days worth of freebies all packed into today. 2 days left with a few pages and a big freebie that matches my new Emmy kit. Then on the first the blog hop starts this month we did an Autumn theme. I have seen a lot of the previews and it looks great!

Please give a big thank you to my CT for making these for you!

Download Removed

Download Removed

Download Removed

See you tomorrow! (I am setting it up now so I wont run into any more problems)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Products and Freebies

Well I am finally getting caught up so its time for a long post :)

I have a few new thing in the stores.

Emmy Kit available at Scraphead Pretty Scrappy and DSS

Emmy Button Pack available at Scraphead Pretty Scrappy and DSS

Emmy Alpha available at Scraphead Pretty Scrappy and DSS

Emmy Collection available at Scraphead Pretty Scrappy and DSS

Labels Squared available at Scraphead Pretty Scrappy DSS and Busy Scrappin (soon)

I had so much fun making the Emmy kit. My niece Emma Grace has a birthday in a couple of weeks and her room is in these colors so I made it for her. Its a perfect kit for little girly girls. Buying the collection saves you about 4 dollars.

I have a few new commercial use products I am packaging right now so look for some more designer must haves coming soon.

I also unpacked my first Grab Bag this week. I added the new kits to the store still need to get the element packs up. Here are the kits that were in it.

Rock available at Scraphead Pretty Scrappy DSS and Busy Scrappin

Here are some free QP's my CT made

Download Removed

Pocket Full of Posies 2 you can get it here. Scraphead Pretty Scrappy DSS and BusyScrappin

You can also get the collection

Scraphead Pretty Scrappy and DSS

One of my CT members, Kelly, is trying her hand at designing I created an add-on for one of her kits

The Kit

You can get her kits at Pretty Scrappy and DSS

Here is a preview of the add-on it has a room, door and 2 pieces of furniture


Here is a very bad LO I did with both parts. I am so not good at perspective.

I have two freebies up for you today and a few more every day until the end of the month so keep checking back. :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm a bad blogger

Ok so I'm a bad blogger. It never fails Alex starts school I get sick. He gets a little runny nose and I get a full blown well I'm not sure what I have, but it is bad. I have some things I need to catch you up on.

First I have split all of my big kits into paper and elements. Still working on Scraphead but Pretty Scrappy and DSS are finished.

Second I have two new products I am slowly uploading to the stores. One is a CU item the other a kit inspired by my niece. By the time I get them uploaded I might have another CU one finished.

There are some very exciting things going on here behind the scenes hopefully everything will work out and I will be able to tell you soon.

Not only have I been a bad blogger but I have been a bad CT member I should have posted this several days ago.

Sir Scrapalot has two new products and a coupon for you.

Layout using his newest kit and a template from his CU Grab Bag 4

and the coupon

I will be back with some new releases in the next couple of days

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Real Quick

Just wanted to remind you that my July bag is still 2.50 until tomorrow then I will open it up and see if I can dig up some freebies for you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last Days for Grab Bag

My first grab bag is in its final days so you better grab it now.

I have marked the bag down to 2.50 for the last 3 days. This will not happen with every bag! I just feel as a new designer I overpriced a bit. If you purchased to the bag feel free to email me and I will send you a coupon to make up the difference. Remember Thursday is the last day by Friday it will be gone. To see whats inside you have to go here. I won't post the previews but I will tell you what in it.
1. Rock Kit
2. Pocket Full of Posies 2 Kit
3. Bright Fuzzy Buttons
4. Pastel Fuzzy Buttons
5. Banded Words

Available at Pretty Scrappy Scraphead and DSS

On to other things. My new bag is going up today! It is much bigger and better. You can see the reveal at Strictly Revealed or GrabBags Revealed. If you don't wanna ruin the surprise but do want a few hints then pay attention in the next week or so. First Hint: Bright

Available at Pretty Scrappy, DSS and Scraphead

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun at the Fair BB Blog Train

The Pretty Scrappy Design Team and Creative Team have all come together to create a really super brag book set for you all. All items they used came from our new "Fun at the Fair" designer MEGA-collab kit. You can pick this kit up for only $4.99 or FREE with any purchase of $20.00 or more. (links will be manually given)

There is so much awesome stuff in this HUGE kit that we each give you a little preview of it's contents along the way.

Preview from "Fun at the Fair"

I know last minute..I was busy making a new kit for you. So the Pretty Scrappy Blog Train begins. Enjoy and don't forget to go get the kit.

Not the best preview I am sorry I was in a hurry.


Follow the train to the next stop

1. Casey
2. Angel
3. Debi
4. Jamie
5. Julie
6. Karen
7. Kathy
8. Lillian
9. Nikki
10. Rachael (you are here)
11. Tammy
12. Virginia

Thursday, August 14, 2008

3 Calls at Pretty Scrappy and 3 Freebies

Good Morning!

I thought I would come post about three calls going on at Pretty Scrappy.

First a CT call (you get to work with my stuff plus all of the other designers for free)

Next and Advertiser Call (This one sounds like fun)

Last a Designer Call come work with a wonderful team of designers.

While your over there checking out the store swing by the freebies and pick up the 3 quick pages I made with Pretty Scrappy's Love Kit. Image is linked.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summertime Alpha Freebie

Here is the free Alpha to match the new kit.

You can download here or get it at the stores when you pick up the kit.

Don't forget Summertime Grill is on sale this week only. Get it at Scraphead, Pretty Scrappy and DSS.

Here are some more layouts made with the kit. Don't forget to pick up yesterdays sampler.

By Lori

By Melonie

You know I love to use Sir Scrapalot's cu products in some of my kits. He is having a retirement sale for two of his bags and a few other things. A little birdie told me if you wanna see in the bag go to Strictly Revealed and find his name. Click the ad to go to the sale.

One last thing Anne from Creative Dreams went public with her new forum and CT (which I am on) so now I can finally give you some freebies I made with her stuff. Look for it in the next few days.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Kit (Finally) and week long sale

I spent a huge chunk of my weekend trying to get this kit in stores. I had lots and lots of upload problems. All is good now though :) So here is my newest kit Summertime Grill

Available at Scraphead, Pretty Scrappy and DSS (on sale at all stores this week only 35% off)

I had so much fun making this kit! I realized halfway though that I have no pictures to scrap with it. :(

I have decided to give you a little sample of this kit and I am making a free Alpha to match. The Alpha should be up in the next few days.

Here is the preview of the sampler.


Remember to leave comments here or in the chatbox since I no longer use 4shared.

Here are a few layouts already finished with this kit. My CT is hard a work creating some freebie pages for you too.

By Kay

By Helene

By Cheri

I'll be back tomorrow for more freebies and exciting things that are going on.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do you see what I see

Look up. See the slideshow? Watch and you might see something new :) In stores as soon as it gets looked over.

I have some layouts to show you and then if I can get it to work a freebie. First I have lost one CT member and gained three more.

Welcome Cheri, His and Helene :) 3 great scrappers. My whole CT is planning a surprise for you to start next month. Now the layouts.

Look what I did...

Credits Rock Kit

By His

Credits Sandy Daze

By Helene

Credits Backyard Summer

By Bridget

Credits Pocket Full of Posies

By Kelly

Credits Pockets Full of Posies 1 and 2

Credits Zoo Spirit

By Lori

Credits Zoo Spirit

By Melonie

Credits Zoo Spirit

Credits Bright N Twirly

Great Job Girls :)

Guess your wondering about that freebie? See my two pages I made with Rock? I made those into quickpages go grab them here scroll towards the bottom or go under freebies and click on the pic to download :)

See you later!!