Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do you see what I see

Look up. See the slideshow? Watch and you might see something new :) In stores as soon as it gets looked over.

I have some layouts to show you and then if I can get it to work a freebie. First I have lost one CT member and gained three more.

Welcome Cheri, His and Helene :) 3 great scrappers. My whole CT is planning a surprise for you to start next month. Now the layouts.

Look what I did...

Credits Rock Kit

By His

Credits Sandy Daze

By Helene

Credits Backyard Summer

By Bridget

Credits Pocket Full of Posies

By Kelly

Credits Pockets Full of Posies 1 and 2

Credits Zoo Spirit

By Lori

Credits Zoo Spirit

By Melonie

Credits Zoo Spirit

Credits Bright N Twirly

Great Job Girls :)

Guess your wondering about that freebie? See my two pages I made with Rock? I made those into quickpages go grab them here scroll towards the bottom or go under freebies and click on the pic to download :)

See you later!!

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