Thursday, July 31, 2008

Zoo Spirit Blog Hop

Are you ready to download ?!? I think it is over 50 designers this month and the kits will be up for at least one month. Get your clicking finger ready clear off some hard-drive space here we go.

My part of the kit. Not everything is shown. 34 Elements, 1 Upper Case Alpha and 7 Papers.

Download 1
Download 2

Some QPs and Brag Book pages by my CT


Part of my kit that I had to do, but I used graphics that can't be free so you can purchase at any of my stores. It is cheapest here at the time of this post it was $1.63.

Other people that used my kits to make pages.

Lady E

Now for the other blogs

Amanda Truitt
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Brooke & Joni
Burkhart Scrapzone (Michaele)
Buzybee Designs (Penny Lewis)
By God's Design
City Scribe Scraps
Crafter's Boutique (Mardesia)
Creative Digital Scraps by Chiara
Creative Dreams
Designs by Crazy Diamond
Designs by Lisa Minor
Erika (PinkuPixie)
Gone Scrappin' Designs
Heartprints Digital Designs
Kalo Designs
Kelly's Sanity Saver
Kim's Scrappin'
Lady V dZine
LBCreations: Designs by Babette
Lighthouse Designs by Beth
Lighthouse Scrapping and Harbor Designs
Lori Imel
Michelle Blagg Designs
Monica at Random Inspirations
Munchkin Scraps by Jody
Nadine: Scrappinmamma
Nancy Schmidt
Panda Bear Designs
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ScripityScrap Designs
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The Scrap Loft: Kathy Goldstein Designs
utski can scrap

Whats Goin On

I took a little vacation and forgot to post before I left. Sorry about that.

Some of you know that I participated in the ADSD collab last month and I am this month too. So tomorrow will premier the Zoo Spirit Blog Hop. Here is a sneak peak of my part.

Make sure you come tomorrow for a list of all the blogs.

I have lots more news in the coming days so be sure to watch for it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Grab Bag Weekend

Its Grab Bag Weekend at Scraphead!! Here's the link to mine.

Also I forgot to send you this freebie it is a add-on to my Sandy Daze kit.

Get it at Pretty Scrappy or BusyScrappin

Day 10 Freebie A Day Giveaway

This is the last day of the giveaway, I hope you enjoyed it all. Don't worry it is not the last of my freebies. I would like to say a thank you to my Creative Team for working so hard.

Yesterday I told you about my Grab Bag..want to see whats in it? I've been revealed! Go here to see

Just want a few hints? Check out these Layouts.

By Me :)

Credits Rock kit

Lori's New Layouts

Credit Pocket Full of Posies 2

Credits Pocket Full of Posies 2 and CU Flower Pack

Melonie did a LO with Americana a free with purchase kit at BusyScrappin my part will available sometime this week.

Credits: Americana Kit, Banded Name (a gift from me) and Elegant Word Art

Now for your Freebies

Downloads Removed

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 9 Freebie a Day Giveaway

Only one more day :( We might have to make this a monthly thing :)

Today you find out about the surprise I have been working on....Drum Roll Please...
my first Grab Bag !!!! If you watch the blog you have already seen a few things in it. If you wanna see more I will be revealed on the Strictly Revealed blog tomorrow.

Wanna buy it now? Go get it at Pretty Scrappy! It will also be uploaded at Scraphead Saturday (they are switching servers and I can't upload).

In honor of my first Grab Bag today's freebie is...a Grab Bag :) full of lovely QP's by myself and my CT.

Download Removed

Tomorrow is the last day of the giveaway so I decided to make it a big one. Make sure your here for it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 8 Freebie A Day Giveaway

Good Morning (Afternoon, Evening)!

I keep forgetting to mention that I have been given to Brilliante Weblog Awards (both girls were kind enough to let me know I didn't have to give anybody one too) Thank you Lori and Crazy Diamond.

Before we get to the download part I have a few LO's to share.

Melonie has a couple of LO's. Don't recognize the kit form the first one?...It's a secret but I will give you a hint tomorrow.

Secret Kit :)
Flower from my CU Flower Pack
Word Art from Elegant Word Art

Credits Girlz vs Boyz Mini-kit
Flower Bomb Overlay is by Kirsty Wiseman

Leaonna made this one for me yesterday. The kit used is from the freebie to be given away with every purchase at BusyScrappin. I think it goes up Friday,

Credits Americana mini-kit

Ok I know you want your freebie. Only two days left in the giveaway.

First remember my sale at's now at
65% off tomorrow it will be down to 63% you better get there quick! All of my kits still range from $ 0.75-2.00.

Today's Freebie

Download Removed

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 7 Freebie A Day Giveaway

Before I forget there was a comment I need to reply to. Most of my QPs are Jpg there is a very easy way to insert your pictures. I know there are lots of different programs out there but I think that most of them can easily do this. Select the white square where the circle goes then cut/delete. Ta-dah you have a png type QP. Insert your picture behind (PS does this not sure about other programs.) Most programs that you use to scrap have layers so this should be possible in all of them. I do the JPG to save hard drive space and download time. PNG QPs can be over 20 MB! Please let me know if this is a serious problem with you and I will think about doing it both ways.

Thank you to all those left comments yesterday I am reading over them.

Ok today's downloads are...a little glitter butterfly that matches Pocket Full of Posies and some Grad Kids QP's. I know the zip name is messed up I had to switch days and didn't catch it before I uploaded.


Download Removed

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 6 Freebie A Day Giveaway

So I am starting a new kit and it really got me thinking. (I want some responses from all of you on this.)

When you buy a kit with theme graphics in it (like Sandy Daze) how do you prefer them to be? Stickers, Epoxy, Chipboard, Wooden back the list goes on and on.

Also do you prefer theme like kits (ex: Sandy Daze) or kits with colors as the theme (Pocket Full of Posies) or a mix between the two?

Thank you so much for helping me with this!

Its down to
63% off at Scraphead I think all of my stuff is still below two dollars. The clocks ticking.

Look at what I got

I helped with the commercial use goodies in the mixed bag at Strictly Revealed and I got a blinkie. If you haven't been there lately you are missing out several new bags Personal S4H and CU.

Now you get a freebie. I'm going to try to get another mini-kit made this week for you just depends on how things go on my other projects. Today we have more QPs and Bragbook Pages from the Pocket Full of Posies kit.

Download Removed

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 5 Freebie a Day Giveaway

Sorry I am running late today hubby used up all the MBs so my internet was down. I am also behind with a grab bag and a collab freebie due this week so I am going to make it short and sweet.

Today we have some more Sandy Daze Quick Pages by the CT this kit is still on sale at a really low price (under 2.00) at Scraphead.

Download Removed

See you tomorrow :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 4 Freebie A Day Giveaway

Like the new blog? I was up until two this morning trying to get it up figured out that I was forgetting a ) at the end of something. I was pissy :)

The sale at Scraphead today is down to 73% off you better get in there fast it will just keep going down. I know sales are a good thing I have been selling like crazy. At the same time I get that yippee feeling that someone bought my stuff I get that icky feeling of the countless hours I spent making it and it is selling for $1.50 or less. Oh well I know I love a good sale and now I'm just on the other end of it :)

Looks like the giveaway is going to be for 10 days. At least thats what I'm up to now (including a grab bag)

Todays Freebie are Quickpages from Backyard Summer made by my CT.

Download Removed

See you tomorrow for Day 5!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Surprise Sale

I was surprised this morning to find this ad in my inbox for me to post.

"Scraphead is having a fabulous sale. For the next 24 hours, everything will be 75% off throughout my entire store. Every day, the discount price will drop by 2%. Don't miss out on the huge savings to be had...."

So Surprise I'm having a sale! It's a huge one. Our products are sooo low I went into shock while browsing.

It will be a very long time before you see all of my products this low again so go now and save while
you can. My Scraphead Store

Remember the other day when I told you about the new reveal blog? Wow has it grown in just a few days!!! I didn't know at the time but it looks like she is giving away a free grab bag to everyone for each one that she reveals. I added two CU items to both of the last mixed bags.
(Little Hint: one was a flower from my Flower Pack) Go visit here.

While I'm blogging my desktop has been taken over with Layouts from my CT so I guess I better post them before its a full blown invasion.

I have to show you mine first :)

I really love this one! Isn't Hannah beautiful. She would kill me if she knew I did her up girly. She's never very pleased with a dress.

This one is a lil bit more her style. Both done with Pockets Full of Posies.

has been really busy scrappin since she got back from vacation.

Using Grad Kids Blue

Using Sandy Daze

Using Pocket Full Of Posies

Melanie didn't have any graduation pictures but she did come up with this

Credits Black and White Grad Kids
word art is by Andilynn Designs at Scrapmatters

Last but not least
Leaonna had a few this time too

Using Black and White Grad Kids

Using Blue Grad Kids

See you tomorrow for day 4 of the freebie a day giveaway.

Day 3 Freebie a Day Giveaway

It's time for day 3. :)

First up we have a mini-kit I made. Most items in this kit (except for three papers) were made from this grab bag by Sir Scrapalot. I had a lot of fun playing with the things in the bag. It includes way more than just these few things. Go check it out here.


Then we have 2 QP's by me and 4 Bragbook Pages by Melonie.

Download Removed

Come back tomorrow for more freebies.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 2 Freebie a Day Giveaway

Welcome to Day 2! Wanted to tell you a couple of things before we get to the download.

First I have something new in my stores. A commercial use Flower Pack. Get it at 30% off until midnight when my sale ends. Use the blinkies to your right to get to my stores.

Have you ever been to one of those grab bag revealed blogs? I love the reveal, but hate the bashing they do. A friend of mine started a new blog where there is no bashing only moderated comments and pictures. She has already revealed Royanna's new bag. Go here and check it out.

Now for today's download don't forget to come pack tomorrow for a mini-kit from me.

Download Removed

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 1 Freebie A Day Giveaway

Are you ready for the Freebie A Day Giveaway?

I have 8 days planned who knows how long it might go on. Lots of Quickpages and Bragbook pages from my CT Mini-kits and samplers from me. Why you ask? To Celebrate my Grand Opening in 3 stores! First was Busyscrappin where I sell my smaller kits then I opened up at Scraphead today I opened at Pretty Scrappy. Both Scraphead and Pretty Scrappy are on sale for a few more days so go get my kits at 30% off. My stuff at BusyScrappin is already priced low and it is the only place you can get my Grad Kids kits. Now lets get started!

Today we have 4 QP's made by my CT with the Sandy Daze kit. (Which is on sale at Pretty Scrappy and Scraphead)

Download Removed

Make sure to keep coming back everyday for more freebies. The next two days we have a mini-kit and some QPs from Pocket Full of Posies.

P.S. Don't forget about the contest to win on of my kits. Check out my last post.