Friday, July 11, 2008

A Surprise Sale

I was surprised this morning to find this ad in my inbox for me to post.

"Scraphead is having a fabulous sale. For the next 24 hours, everything will be 75% off throughout my entire store. Every day, the discount price will drop by 2%. Don't miss out on the huge savings to be had...."

So Surprise I'm having a sale! It's a huge one. Our products are sooo low I went into shock while browsing.

It will be a very long time before you see all of my products this low again so go now and save while
you can. My Scraphead Store

Remember the other day when I told you about the new reveal blog? Wow has it grown in just a few days!!! I didn't know at the time but it looks like she is giving away a free grab bag to everyone for each one that she reveals. I added two CU items to both of the last mixed bags.
(Little Hint: one was a flower from my Flower Pack) Go visit here.

While I'm blogging my desktop has been taken over with Layouts from my CT so I guess I better post them before its a full blown invasion.

I have to show you mine first :)

I really love this one! Isn't Hannah beautiful. She would kill me if she knew I did her up girly. She's never very pleased with a dress.

This one is a lil bit more her style. Both done with Pockets Full of Posies.

has been really busy scrappin since she got back from vacation.

Using Grad Kids Blue

Using Sandy Daze

Using Pocket Full Of Posies

Melanie didn't have any graduation pictures but she did come up with this

Credits Black and White Grad Kids
word art is by Andilynn Designs at Scrapmatters

Last but not least
Leaonna had a few this time too

Using Black and White Grad Kids

Using Blue Grad Kids

See you tomorrow for day 4 of the freebie a day giveaway.

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