Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Blossoms

I have two blog trains in the same day :) Going to do this one now and be back in the morning with the Pretty Scrappy one. Don't want to overwhelm you lol

This kit has me longing for spring, but I don't think we will ever get there. :(


Please remember to keep checking back lots of people are in different time zones and don't have their post up yet. Here is the link to all of the people just in case you miss one.

and go to visit Barb shes next on the list.

Make sure you stop by later for another freebie here's a sneak peek at the kit used.


Monday, March 23, 2009

A little late is better than never right?

I had so much fun partying this weekend I forgot to post about it :( The party's over now, but I still have a few things to blog about.

It's Pretty Scrappy's official Birthday and we have an all new look. To celebrate we have over 200 items on sale for $1.00. Go grab those wishlist kits now!

On the subject of getting things while you can I will be retiring 4 of my kits next month. Sandy Daze, Backyard Summer, Rock and Pocket Full of Posies are getting locked up in the fault. (A few of them are a dollar today after that I will have them marked down until they retire)

Can you tell my heads all over the place today? Alex was home all week for Spring Break and I am playing catch up today. It was nice to have him home just not used to it on a constant basis. Have no clue what I will do with him this summer. He's one of those kids that needs to be attached to Mommy's leg 24/7. Not that I don't love him for it just gets slightly annoying at times lol.

Oh what else was I supposed to blog about? My late St. Patty's kit! I finished this on time just couldn't get it uploaded. Its a dollar today then will be on sale all week.


Digital Candy has some great stuff going on too :) Check out whats coming soon...

and a little treat for you :)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Riding Dirty

I have a new kit out today! This one was made after a request from my creative crew. :) If you ever have a request I would be happy to add it to my list.

Before we get to the kit stuff I'm having a few sales this week:
My whole Digital Candy store is on sale for a few more days


Pretty Scrappy is still having the Birthday Sale this week its 25% off plus double your dollars.

Now you ready to see my new kit? Its available at Pretty Scrappy, Digital Candy (sites down will add the qp set later) and coming soon to Divine Digital.

Riding Dirty

Due to the sales this week I wont be offering these free with purchase, but if you buy the kit at Pretty Scrappy you will receive a Double Your Dollars coupon and then you can purchase the QP's free of charge.

Here are some of my favorite layouts with this kit







Rachel (New Creative Crew Member)


and as always a freebie page for you. This one is from Mel


My Kind of Rocket Digital Candy Train

We had so much fun last month with the Digital Candy train we decided to do it again. This time with an out of this world kit called "My Kind of Rocket"

and here is my part of the kit


Next stop Monica's Blog

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last Day

Its the last day for my Get It All, better grab it while it lasts!

Also its the last day for 40% off all my kits at Pretty Scrappy.

So every time I post it slips my mind that I have been wanting to post about this woman. Mandy contacted me about a month ago asking a blog use of my kits. After some emails I found she was designing blogs for a cause, the MS Society. She tells it so much better so I am going to paste from her blog.

"My name is Mandy and I am a scrapbooker whose mom lives with Multiple Sclerosis. Because I'm into design and scrapbooks, I like to make my blogs pretty. And here's the good news - I want to make yours pretty too!

The idea to help others with blog design came a few weeks ago, when I redesigned my own and had a blog-friend ask me how much I would charge to do hers for her.

Because I didn't particularly know what to charge, I told her that if she'd donate to the MS Society my Bike MS ride (you know, the one I wasn't registered for yet), I would do the blog for her. I registered for the ride hastily so I could send her my donation link, and a few days later, here I am, pedaling my services (pun not really intended, but now I'm enjoying it, because who doesn't enjoy a good pun?) for Bike MS donations."

Go over to her blog and check her out !!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its Party Time

Woo Hoo!!! Pretty Scrappy is turning one! Are you ready to party?

First I keep forgetting to stop by and let you know this is the final weeks for my "Get it All" its a great deal that you really shouldn't pass up if you love my kits. I won't be doing another buy my store deal until September and I can't promise it will be this good so take advantage now. :) Image is linked

Its Party Time..come join us at Pretty Scrappy all month long

and a freebie just because I'm in a giving mood :)


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pretty Scrappy Blog Train

It's that time again :) Gotta make it a quickie I have been out of town for the last few days and I need to catch up on my sleep, but I will try to stop by tomorrow with a longer post.

Its birthday time at Pretty Scrappy and to celebrate we made two collabs and jammed them all into one big kit! I'll give you more details about what all is going on in my next post, but for now here is the preview of this gigantic kit (really its big almost 1 gig!)

This kit is great for boy and girls :) its packed so full you could do a dozen lo's and never use the same thing twice!

Here is my matching brag book page


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