Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last Day

Its the last day for my Get It All, better grab it while it lasts!

Also its the last day for 40% off all my kits at Pretty Scrappy.

So every time I post it slips my mind that I have been wanting to post about this woman. Mandy contacted me about a month ago asking a blog use of my kits. After some emails I found she was designing blogs for a cause, the MS Society. She tells it so much better so I am going to paste from her blog.

"My name is Mandy and I am a scrapbooker whose mom lives with Multiple Sclerosis. Because I'm into design and scrapbooks, I like to make my blogs pretty. And here's the good news - I want to make yours pretty too!

The idea to help others with blog design came a few weeks ago, when I redesigned my own and had a blog-friend ask me how much I would charge to do hers for her.

Because I didn't particularly know what to charge, I told her that if she'd donate to the MS Society my Bike MS ride (you know, the one I wasn't registered for yet), I would do the blog for her. I registered for the ride hastily so I could send her my donation link, and a few days later, here I am, pedaling my services (pun not really intended, but now I'm enjoying it, because who doesn't enjoy a good pun?) for Bike MS donations."

Go over to her blog and check her out !!!

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Mandy and Jack said...

Thanks, Rachael! You're so sweet!!!