Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last Days for Grab Bag

My first grab bag is in its final days so you better grab it now.

I have marked the bag down to 2.50 for the last 3 days. This will not happen with every bag! I just feel as a new designer I overpriced a bit. If you purchased to the bag feel free to email me and I will send you a coupon to make up the difference. Remember Thursday is the last day by Friday it will be gone. To see whats inside you have to go here. I won't post the previews but I will tell you what in it.
1. Rock Kit
2. Pocket Full of Posies 2 Kit
3. Bright Fuzzy Buttons
4. Pastel Fuzzy Buttons
5. Banded Words

Available at Pretty Scrappy Scraphead and DSS

On to other things. My new bag is going up today! It is much bigger and better. You can see the reveal at Strictly Revealed or GrabBags Revealed. If you don't wanna ruin the surprise but do want a few hints then pay attention in the next week or so. First Hint: Bright

Available at Pretty Scrappy, DSS and Scraphead

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