Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Store Closing

I've decided to leave Pretty Scrappy well this pretty much explains it

That's just an impersonal ad though. It was a really tough decision for me. I know its going to turn out for the better though. I'm going to have more time to design and more time for my family.

So I guess you're wondering what store will be my new home store. Kelly and I are putting the finishing touches on our on store right now :) Plucky Pear should be open by the end of the month!!!

Oh and a bit more good news. A little birdie told me that Polka Dot Plum will be opening soon too :)

Before I go don't forget today's $1.00 Pixel Day!!!

1 comment:

Mandy and Jack said...

Bummer! But I love the new store website!! I'm sure I will do plenty of shopping there! :)